Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats

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Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats, 30×67  Foldable Big Cat Tunnel, Grey Suede Pet Tunnels with Two Peepholes and a Bubble Ball

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  • The cat tunnel is made of durable suede with polyester lining, it is very sturdy, no matter how crazy your cat plays, there will be no tears or scratches appeared, and it can protect your cat from being damaged by exposed steel wire.
  • With super-large space of 30 *67 , the tunnel can hold a few cats to play hide and seek, chase through, and sprint at a top speed. It is very suitable for the pet to do indoor exercise, and it also can be used as indoor tent or nest of the pet.
  • To attract the cat’s attention, the inner layer of polyester rustles a crinkling sound and there are puff balls at one end. And it is easily to wipe and clean up the tunnel.
  • Each hole of the cat tunnel is designed with a connecting hook. Multiple tunnels can be connected and combined freely to reach an amazing length. The cat can sprint back and forth at full speed, and it is very interesting.
  • The nice and neutral grey color can fit the decor of your house well, so your house will not look like a circus. The collapsible design makes the store easily and saves too much space.

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