Cat Scratching Post climbing frame

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Cat scratching post climbing frame Giant Floor To Ceiling Multi-Level Real Solid Wood Big Tall Cat Scratching Post Activity Trees For Cats.

Size :- 175cm*60cm*50cm

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Cat scratching post climbing frame

  • MULTI-LAYERED CAT’S PLAYGROUND: The cat tree is designed for accommodating multiple cats. This design allows access to all levels from multiple directions and kitties to sleep undisturbed in the condos and hammock while other cats make their way to the platforms
  • STABILITY AND DURABLE: High quality particle boards, well balanced design and strong base will ensure the stability. The cat tower comes with a wall anchor strap to attach it to the wall for extra stability and prevent accidental tipping
  • COMFY AND ENTERTAINMENT: All floor panels are nicely carpeted, which are soft and luxurious. Constructed with 3 plush top perches with raised edging to curl up on it or enjoy view out of the window; 2 spacious fluffy condos to snap or roles themselves into little balls to hide; Sisal scratching posts to meet their instinct of scratching; cozy hammock and basket to hang off. Totally meet their fun of chasing each other, climbing and jumping on and off
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DECORATION: Equipped with step by step instruction, which is straightforward and the only tool required is an Allen wrench to tighten the screws, which was included in the package. The cat tower is recommended to be placed in the corner or near the window. It is also very stylish and fit well with other furniture in your living room